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Robot Wars Discussion Forum: TV Shows: Suicidal Tendancies Avenged by Tornado!

Ed (Stormguy)

Saturday, February 03, 2001 - 05:37 pm
Good to see the Tornado boys making the point about ST vs WBC. Nice to see you also not only beat the big cheese, but broke it in your battle as well :o). Oh, and while I'm on about fights that have gone to the judges..... how did firestorm win ? I watched the fight a second time on video and all I could see was Dominator II connect a few times with firestorm, whilst every other shot was Firestorm running rings around Dominator, flipping him, pushing him, ramming him around the arean while he was on his side - and then almost managed to push the 'bi-wedge' shape around the arena spikes. Someone please explain how that one was won !

Suicidal Tendencies (Charles)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 12:14 am
Justice was served... Well done Tornado You kicked Wheely big cheese's A***,

Like it.

Just a shame we couldn't have been against you instead, would have been an interesting battle. Many thanks for your gracious words in our favour, you are all GODS (PS why didn't you tell us you put in a good word for us at the Ipswich event ?, we would have gone easy on you if we knew ;) ;),wink, wink.

Thanks again lads,

Hopefully fight you this year.

Regards, your pal,


Martin McGowan (Atolm)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 01:15 pm
Tornado did not kick WBC's ass.WBC lost all mobility when it's wheel broke,and that had nothing to do with Tornado.
Why does WBC have HOLLOW WHEELS?????
Will they have them next year?

Will Jeatt (Willl)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 02:22 pm
what do you mean it had nothing to do with Tornado? They broke the wheel!

Frank (Pcbore)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 03:35 pm
YES!! Finally justice is served! Tornado rammed the cheese against the wheel with Matilda, the wheel hit the wall and broke, is how I remember it.

Ed (Stormguy)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 05:52 pm
I can't believe that WBC's wheel broke only because it hit the wall - it was clearly a weak point on the robot which Tornado (quite rightly) concentrated on, there wasn't much else they could do to the rest of the robot. Yes, its debatable as to whether Tornado made the final connection with WBC that caused the wheel to come off was caused by Tornado, or WBC reversing into the arena wall, but either way I think it took a robot with the power that Tornado had to do the damage. They won by a process of attrition, and eventually the weld gave. Full credit to Roger for building such a fine titanium robot though - I'm not claiming for a second that I can weld titanium !!!

Andrew Marchant (Tornado)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 07:19 pm
Martin - So you didn't see us repeatdly ramming WBC's wheel then? Must be the editing :)

Team Tornado

Martin McGowan (Atolm)

Monday, February 05, 2001 - 12:10 pm
OK,maybe they did ram the wheel a few times but why has it got hollow wheels?

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: How accurate are the seedings?

Phill Sievers (Sieves2k)

Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 12:42 pm
where is wheely big cheese? oh its down as the big cheese. and you should note that rogers flipper has got to be at leat 6 times the power of chaos. chaos2, lifts 250kg. wbc, lifts 1.5 tonnes.

razer cant be placed number 1, as its never won the main event.

pannic atack is NOT OUTDATED. its more advanced than most bots ive EVER SEEN.

King b3 shouldnt be so high. there also not flammable, its the motor, or speedy thats burning out. it can happen to anyone.

beserk has never gotton past round 3, theres much better bots kickin about.

mace 2 is now called gemini, and im sure others would agree youve placed them a bit low.

behemoth has no danger of flippers since the can self right.

im sure i can name bots that should be in. ok, that biohazard clone by oliver steeples (is that the right guy?) hes been in every war except the current one. how about all the semi finalists of this year that youve missed off. Spawn of scutter, was a semi finalist last year also. tornadoe, only lost out to chaos 2. how about dominator. did well in last years pinball, semi finalist this year, runner up in one of the annihalators. spikasaurus, won an annihalator.

its obvious why theres so many seeds, and its obvious why your not the one choosing them.


Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Ban Ban Clubs Ban Club

Michael Holden (Holdy)

Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 08:52 pm
Funny I dont here teams like TORNADO and HYPNODISC aruging they just get on with it!:O

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: House Robots: Shunt: On Wacko's request-new subject-Will Shunt ever get revenge on Chaos 2 for flipping him?

robert bettington (9lives)

Sunday, February 25, 2001 - 01:11 pm
Shunt did kind of get revenge on Chaos 2 this year. If you remember back to when Chaos took out Tornado in this years competition. This fight that was televised was the third fight that took place between the two of them. In the first fight Chaos's flipper got caught under the arena floor and they had to stop the fight and repair the damage. Then in the second fight Tornado pushed Chaos into Shunts CPZ and shunt fired the axe though the top of Chaos and broke one of the drive chains. At the same time one of Tornado's drives locked up and the judges said that they could not see which robot stop first so they went to a third fight which was the one shown on the TV.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: The Most Powerful Robot For Series 4

ellis ruff (Elmo)

Monday, February 26, 2001 - 09:07 pm
I think that Tornado was the most powerful for series 4, who do you think?

Tony Hails (Geordie)

Monday, February 26, 2001 - 09:28 pm
What do you mean by powerful.
Pushing power or flipping power or power to cause damage ?????

A.G.Stewart (Rapide)

Monday, February 26, 2001 - 09:38 pm
I don't think he really knows.

Neil (Captainsmirk)

Monday, February 26, 2001 - 10:44 pm
I think he means Pushing Power. In which case it would probably be Tornado or Wild Thing. What about Smidsy and Panic Attack?

Richard Weir (Softweir)

Monday, February 26, 2001 - 11:12 pm
I think Tornado had the edge because it also had a high top speed. A lot of pushing robots are slower than that.

Adrian Bond (Tytalus)

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - 08:53 pm
I agree with Elmo. Tornado has to be the most powerfull pusher out there (Anybody remember in its first heat when it was pushing shunt all over the arena? Sideways? At about 5-10mph?!) It's also been at an event where it's pushed 2 other robots around, at the same time. (Can't remember which two though, and no, it wasn't Gemini 'a' and 'b'...)

As to most powerfull destructive weapon? Has to be Hypno-Disc. I can understand Razer being there, but I am sure the 3tonne quote is because the point is so sharp (force/area?), and it has to get going before it does anything (a bit like WBC). Numbers aren't anything without carnage, hence HD, if only because it was the first time I've seen an opponent leave in a plastic bag!

Most Powerful flipper? Toss up between Chaos 2 and WBC (Get it?). If I had to choose, it would be WBC, if only because it gave Tornado amazing airtime, whereas Chaos 2 was only able to get it just over the wall.

Dominic Allington-Smith (Rwmaniac)

Saturday, March 24, 2001 - 09:27 pm
Pushing power - Tornado
Flipping power - WBC
Axe power - Killerhurtz
Destructive power - Hypno-Disc


Ugliest - The Creature

Mark Charles (Buckiekid)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 03:35 pm

(1) Hypno-disc
(2) Razer
(3) Dominator 2

Flipper Tastic:-

(1) Chaos 2
(2) Gemini
(3) Firestorm


(1) Tornado
(2) Steg 2
(3) Chaos 2

leo mcCarthy (Hypnocanoe)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 03:47 pm
will they ever show tornados heat again?
i thought heat f was the best heat of series 4.

3: STEG 2
5: CHAOS 2

Suk-hwa Chung (Sukhwa)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 04:15 pm
Most punishing weapon

1. Hypno-Disc - Impact and direct damage.
2. Dominator 2 - Fast and lethal.
3. Razer - Most powerful, but not that readily available.
4. Pussycat - Lethal, but the blade stalls quite often.
5. Stinger - Not that accurate, but punishing.

Most effective flipper

1. Chaos 2 - Very low, powerful flipper.
2. Gemini - Amazing, but the whole robot leans back on its wheels too often.
3. Steg 2 - A flipper similar to Chaos 2 it seems.
4. Wheely Big Cheese - Definately the most powerful, but the length of the flipper makes it difficult to use.
5. Behemoth - Wide scoop with lots of power.

Strongest drive

1. Spikasaurus - I never seen a robot powerful enough to dig its spike so deep into another robot.
2. Tornado - A very spectacular pusher.
3. Wild Thing - Nippy, and the power lasts.
4. X-Terminator 2 - Extremely fast and powerful.
5. 101 - Tons of torque and traction.

Gary Mc Nally (Gyrochopper)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 04:43 pm
Spikesaurus had 4 bosch GPA 750 watt electric DC motors. Each one of these means that it has an equivelant of 3Kws.x 1000 to get that figure in watts. Devide this by 746 (one horse power) and you get 4.02144772117962466487935656836461 horse power.

If you compare this to Tornados 7 Horse power (theoretical) then you can see that tornado has the greatest drive system.

As for the best flipper I would say that it is wheely big cheese. The reason for this is that it moves quickly and can handle its load. Although chaos 2 can flip more weight it cannot do this as quickly.
But I know who I will be betting on to have the greatest flipper next series. Panick atack! I e-mailed Kim Daivies and he said that he was going to have a pneumatic flipper with a 100mm bore and power that with co2 at 700-750Psi. This is the same pressure that chaos 2 has but a much bigger ram and will lift four tons! This should man that it might be able to get sir Killalot out of the arena :O

A for the most destructive weapon,
Razer has a realy good mechinism. It can get through 3mm's of titanium for christs sake! hypnodisc unless im mistaken (Tell me If im write Derek) could never approach that kinda force!

The best overall robot I believe is either cassius 2 or mortis. But because we are talking about this series then I would have to say mortis. The reason for this is because of the terriblly complex machinery that has taken place to make this robot. I have tried making a lego mindstorms replicca of the mech, and after several months of tweaking, I believe I might be close to it :O (beleive me its difficilt)
I hope I have not gon to tehcnical with any kiddies.
Gary Mc Nally

Suk-hwa Chung (Sukhwa)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 05:06 pm
Tornado vs. Spikasaurus - I stand corrected.

Razer vs. Hypno-Disc - not yet persuaded.

I'm not necassarily taking about the power of the weapon, but also the rate it can attack at, and how readily available it is.

Hypno-Disc, I can tell that it is less powerful than Razer. But it is easier to employ, as all it has to do is make contact. Razer, meanwhile, has to wedge under, and then use the weapon. Razer found it very difficult to catch Onslaught, and even if it did, it escaped before the beak reached the full distance.

Also, Hypno-Disc can cause more impact damage, while the 3mm titanium armour might be fine, the robot inside might suffer worse.

Wheely Big Cheese vs. Chaos 2 - you're wrong :)

Wheely Big Cheese might have more power or speed, I think it wasn't low enough to get under some things. Suicidle Tendencies, with one drive down, was able to get under Wheely Big Cheese's beak and lift it when WBC tried to push it head on.

Try counting how many times WBC flipped during the whole competition - 6 at the most, each one was spectacular, but we're talking about effiency here. Chaos 2 could continous flip opponents without delay, though it has to be said that the gas doesn't last that long.

Best overall robot - agreed. Cassius is the best, Mortis is good too.

Frank (Pcbore)

Sunday, March 25, 2001 - 08:50 pm
Tornado and Wild Thing were both fantastic in their own way, and both were unlucky to meet the opponants they did.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Robot Wars Toys - your questions answered....

Bertie (Speirs)

Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 11:00 pm
Shhhh, they'd be horrified if they new about that scewer! Ruddy evil!

Oh, ideas for fellow people with troubles:
If the motor on Killalot (fricion) doesn't work anymore, carefully uncrew the bottom of him, so u can see the friction motor. Then, get some blue tack, and press it onto the gears. Then remove blue tack. It will take any grit with it, and your killalot will buzz along happily once again!

With Dead Metal, to keep the claws open, use the button to open them, and then put a standard mechano screw into the newly formed gap at the inside front! It keeps them open!

Oh, an accesory idea for logistix: The football and goal (soccer), cigarrette lighter and gas mask for flame throwers!

Oh yeah, some friends of mine have told me to tell you that you MUST make a tornado with tonnes of pulling power. Imagine the fun! Also, tornado is just the right shape for every single one of the robots to attack! It could be the guinea pig of the group!!!!


leo mcCarthy (Hypnocanoe)

Saturday, March 17, 2001 - 10:06 am
you MUST make these toys:
( with lots of speed and pushing power)
wild thing( with two replaceble panels)
gemmini( they REALY split in two)
or even make a robochiken toy......

and whats all this about a playstation game,
are these just rumours?

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: >Tornado's Website

Spike (Hostile_17)

Sunday, March 04, 2001 - 12:14 am
First of all I would like to say how much I loathed this robot when they beat the mighty Gemini. that parts over I can get on with saying how impressed I now am by the Tornado team
Just like when Panic Attack (a similar bot 2 Tornado I might add) beat Cassius and had me screaming curses @ my TV (that was no never screamed back...apart from when Celine Dion was on TOTP!:)) or when Pussycat beat MY Razer and had me runnung round the streets shouting foul things @ any cat I saw(they all ran away:()
when Tornado beat Gemini I ran round trying 2 find a Tornado 2 shout @...

About 6-12 months after each one of the wounding defeats I came to terms with how well driven Panic was or how indestructible Pussycat was and now I have started to realise that Tornado isnt all that bad after all (so the nightmares can stop now!)
Tornado run their motors on more volts than most teams and run them @ 36 volts rather than 24 as I understand it. That (plus the fact that they have good torque and strong tires) seems to be what gives them such power.
I recently found a link to the Tornado website and spent the best part of the last 2 days glued there!
Andrew Marchant has put together a very detailed and nicely laid out website explaining a lot about Tornado and everything related to it. It kept me entertained 4 a long while and I read it all! I just have 1 thing 2 say: Andrew just how much spare time do u have on your hands?:)
So go and visit it now:

Spike (Hostile_17)

Sunday, March 04, 2001 - 08:03 pm
Wheres Andrew Marchant?
And nobodies laughing @ my jokes in the red writing.:(

Adam Hood (Adamhood)

Sunday, March 04, 2001 - 08:43 pm
I e-mailed him about the robot. I agree that they have one of the best robotwars websites about the robot itself, so ...

well done to them. (sorry for repeating ''SPIKE'')

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: Robot Mayhem and Live Events: 16 April....RobotsatWebb/Rugby Robot Charity day

Ed (Stormguy)

Wednesday, March 14, 2001 - 05:41 pm
Sam I'd also love to come - attending as many of these events as possible only serves to improve the designs and skills. However Debenham is a BIG event - go and have a look at the competitor list at the website ( If you're looking for 3 or 4 robots then I guess you might get lucky.

Why not try to arrange an event during a slightly less hectic time of the year. You'll get more robots attending and no-doubt more money for charity as a result.

The TV biggies - Chaos2, Tornado, Dominator 2, Stinger and Suicidal Tendancies as well as the "Forum" biggies - Anthrax, Executioner etc are all going to be at Debenham.

In fact - why not just come along to Debenham instead. The Debenham event was advertised in November last year - why not plan one well in advance and see what kind of response you get then.

Sorry - but that's just the way it is


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