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Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: What was the most exciting or memorable fights so far?

Stefan Prestedge (Carter)

Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 08:12 pm
So what has been the best/memorable fight in robot wars so far? There are plenty, Cassius in its fights, but Chaos 2 vs WBC, and everybody else too. Gemini's Melee was a corker, Razer vs. everybody it has fought, WBC vs. Suicidal Tendancies. Hypno-Disc's fights against robogeddon, stealth, 101, Steg and Chaos 2.
Those were the memorable fights for me, but the annihilators were out of this world, Dominator 2, Spikasaurus, Chaos 2, every robot in the annihilators were stars. The tag teams too, were brill. Every fight though that has been on robot wars are memorable.

So what fight do you remember with fondness as the fight you consider your favourite?

Matthew Lockett (98arobinsona)

Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 08:39 pm
All of chaos 2s. It whipped everyone.

Also, Tornado V Gemini

Go Tonardo

Peter S (Pete)

Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 09:21 pm
Tornado's melee, both the annhiliators, Panic attack VS Mortis war of independence, FrenZy Vs Detonator (just for the fun of it) Hypno VS Steg, Chaos VS Mace...there are many more decent ones.

Earlier fights. King B Vs Roadblock, Killertron VS Behemoth, Cassius VS Roadblock. Oh yeah...Mortis VS Leighbot, the first time we saw some real damage in robot wars.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Who Will Win Series 4!

harry luv hamster (Bingley)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 07:40 pm
i hope these robots do well

dominater 2

Bertie (Speirs)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 07:44 pm
I think Tornado/Hypno!!!!!!!!!!!!

harry luv hamster (Bingley)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 07:52 pm
well i hope dominater or tornado winn
you really have to bet chaos 2 hypnodisc will win
steg 2 s flipper is put in the wrong place
mousetrap / x terminater / thermidor / splinter dont really stand a chance . firestorm / pussycat may give the top 2 seeds a run for there money
spawn of scutter will probley break down like it did in the annilater stinger is also not bad

Peter S (Pete)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 08:52 pm
Chaos 2 stands quite a good chance of winning, but many robots in this series have self righting mechanisms so I think it will struggle.

Pussycat seems like a good bet because it cannot be affected by flippers, and it looks quite durable. A decent weapon too. The only problem is that I don't think it's design makes it as manouvrable as some robots. Its wheels are also vulnerable to attck.

Panic attack, Dominator 2 and Tornado also look as if they could win the title. I'd bet on Panic attacks good driving to clinch it.

Firestorm 2(not enough power) Mousetrap/splinter (no self righting) and wheely big cheese (not controllable enough) do not stand a chance. I'd say that a good outside bet for the championship would have to be Thermidor 2.

Gary Mc Nally (Gyrochopper)

Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 01:24 pm
I think the 4 final robots will be:
Dominator 2, Tornado, Hypnodisc and pussycat
I think that pussycat and Tornado will go through and that the champions shall be...

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Tornado - Good Innit

Matthew Lockett (98arobinsona)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 08:41 pm
I think tornado is a brilliant robot.

Speed & Power to the extreme = one good robot

Bryan Smith (Wildthing)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 08:45 pm
And it beat both Gemini's

Peter S (Pete)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 08:59 pm
Yeah but it was immobilised by the end of the battle - if the arena spike hadn't been there one Gemini may have not been immobilised. I think it will go far, but if its up against Chaos 2 I don't think it has a chance.

Bryan Smith (Wildthing)

Friday, January 19, 2001 - 09:08 pm
But Tornado can move on both sides.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Favourite Robot?

NSR (Captainsmirk)

Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 08:01 pm
I like Tornado and Dominator 2. Smidsy was good too. :)
Also Mortis, Behemoth, Wel-Dor and some of the other seeds who went out.

Matthew Lockett (98arobinsona)

Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 08:04 pm
Chaos 2, but seeing as I'm not allowed to, Tornado.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Newcomers in Semi-finals

NSR (Captainsmirk)

Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 08:04 pm
How many of this year's semifinalists are newcomers to RW? I can think of Tornado, Dominator 2 (I'm counting them even though they were in the pinball last year) - what about Mousetrap? The only other non-seeds thru are Splinter and Thermidor 2 and they have both been in it before.
Another question: Has anyone been in all 4 series with the same largely unchanged robot? I can only think of Razer (were they in series 1) and Mortis (but they have made changes).

Toaster (Toaster)

Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 02:29 pm
Tornado are the only real newcomers through then.......
Dreadnought's the least changed robot over four series...... the Nemesis + Mortis teams haven't changed much either.
+ Napalm might have *changed*, but I'm not sure they've *improved* too much!

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: Competitors: Semi final 1

Tom B (Tsb)

Saturday, January 27, 2001 - 11:32 am
I am Certain WBC v Tornado as when they showed WBC you saw part of Tornado. WBC should win but maybe Tornado might spring a surprise.....

Peter S (Pete)

Saturday, January 27, 2001 - 05:21 pm
Wheely big cheese is too uncontrollable, and the flipper is not reliable enough. The flipper worked well against Killertron, but remember how the flipper couldn't even lift sir K one tiny bit? Tornado will beat WBC good and proper, may even run rings around it.

Frank (Pcbore)

Saturday, January 27, 2001 - 08:07 pm
No, WBC will NOT beat Tornado. It's too uncontrollable, and will probably end up in the pit!

thomas thrasher (Tomt)

Monday, January 29, 2001 - 07:11 pm

Toby Wheeler (Xenon)

Tuesday, January 30, 2001 - 04:18 pm
Pussycat and Tornado are certainly the strongest bots in the first semi... I think they'll both qualify.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Weight Limit Increase

Karl Asplin (Desertstorm)

Thursday, January 25, 2001 - 03:10 pm
I think the general idea of the weight increase is to make it possible to have proper international events, by standardising rules there is a greater opportunity for the sport to grow.
Mentorn are expecting more powerful, more destructive weapons to provide a better spectacle, as it says in the e-mail "armoured boxes will be discouraged" because they don't make good television, unless it's name is Tornado (my personal opinion).
Existing robots will be able to upgrade their armour and weapons, and add those flashing lights that had to be sacrificed to make the weight limit.
Unfortunately I can see more injuries occuring from people trying to pick these things up and load them into vans and cars.Maybe a weight lifting belt should become part of the standard kit.
The sooner the series 5 rules are released to clear up this confusion the better, it's the difference between between 6mm and 18mm polycarb armour.

Andrew Marchant (Tornado)

Wednesday, January 31, 2001 - 07:04 pm
Karl - there's usually a very good reason when there are more than 3 team members in the pits, e.g. the guy who signs for Beserk 2.

Just in case anybody was still doubting, the limit will be going up - I mailed Steve Carsey and got confirmation. IMHO a sad day.

Team Tornado

Garry Brown (Majson)

Monday, February 05, 2001 - 09:21 am
We have to agree with team tornado. We are building a robot and now it seems that we might have to redesign to allow for the extra weight. Also, if we want to see Cassuis again then the arena better be really safe, as it was safety that kept him out of series 4 and I hardly think this is going to help. Like Team tornado we cannot aford to go to america and join battlebots and i'm sure many others feel the same, so we at Team Geeza have decided to set up a petition and then send the results to mentorn!!!!

Anyone else agree??? If you do then visit and click on the petition link and make your stand!!!

Team Geeza


Tornado has a very good website for beginners, Cheers.

Adrian Bond (Tytalus)

Tuesday, February 06, 2001 - 11:12 pm
Well, we have had the competitors, viewers and official viewpoints and all I can say is that the response to a 100kg limit is pretty mixed. Here's my pennies worth.

Will 20kgs make a difference? Probably for the next Wars, and then everything will move on like everything else in life (was it IBM that said nobody would ever need more than 512kbytes?!). The established teams and those well on the way may be tempted to 'bolt on' that extra layer of armour or put bigger batteries in and some flippers may end up as lifters with all the extra weight. But it should be nothing more than a glitch that, as Steve Carsey put it, means the longer term future of the 'sport' and proper international competition.

Will the UK Wars will end up with 'American type armoured boxes' mooching around doing no damage to each other? I somehow think that with all of the knowledge and know-how out there that Mentorn will easily get 100 or so interesting competitors that will make good TV. Maybe we are just more 'inventive' than the Americans at fitting allot into small spaces, just look at the cars they drive!

No disrespect to Andrew (we can discuss this over a pint later!), but I don't see that Mentorn is sticking the 'V's up at people who have already made a good robot. How many good robots have we seen that have been turned into bad ones due to being a kg or so overweight and then removing that vital component that means it's a boring match? Here's also your chance to make that interesting and creative improvement that you always wanted to fit, but never had the space/weight to do it.

At the end of the day Mentorn makes the decisions on what robots make good TV and you have to earn your right to be in the Wars. Any type/class of robot can be interesting or boring, whether it's a flipper, crusher, spinner or armoured box on wheels. (This is where I now make my peace with Andrew) It was mentioned earlier, and I'll mention it here, armoured boxes can make boring matches, but Tornado isn't boring to watch. Like Chaos 2 is a great flipper and Hypnodisc is a great mess maker, Tornado shows what you can do if you do it RIGHT. I believe some robots lost their respective heats at the pre-recording knockouts, but went through because they were interesting and deserved to be in. And I bet that pint that there were many 'boring' armoured boxes that were never allowed anywhere near the arena.

My only question is this (please step in any time Steve), who on earth came up with 80kg? Maybe if it had been 100kg from the start then we wouldn't be having this discussion!

Good luck to all the competitors for next year and lets hope things keep getting better!


(PS WBC was bashed fair and square, if they bashed themselves up in the process, then they definitely deserved to be sent out!)

Andrew Marchant (Tornado)

Friday, February 09, 2001 - 08:45 pm

Thank you for taking the time to reply, and clarifying the reasons behind the decision. I agree that the sport needs to be made truly international to become more popular, but are all future international fights going to happen in the UK? If not, are Mentorn going to pay for flights etc to the country of filming?

George - No H&S worries for most of us adults yes, but I'm not sure I'd have been capable lugging an 80kg robot about in my garage when I was younger, let alone a 100kg one. There are a lot of teenagers building now! As for the arena, the house robots may be 100kg+, but we do not see them thrown about, desite how often you and Roger try! :) I'm sure those concerned with maintaining the arena are aware of the issue, but 100kg of robot landing on a single spike will cause more damage than 80, surely?

John (KillerHurtz) said above that "Building a seriously destructive machine within 80kg is a huge challenge." Exactly. Some of us who have managed to make a robot to be competitive at 80kg feel a little miffed at the decision to up the limit. OK, so it now gives those of us with competitive robots licence to improve them further, and to stay competitive we too will make use of the added weight. But it will cost money to implement the change, and although I hope the day never comes, it may one day cost too much to compete.

Team Tornado

PS - Hi Adrian! Thanks for your support at the semi final. As Adrian says, we ARE NOT an armoured box. Tornado was DESIGNED TO PUSH, and although I keep biting my tongue, I'm starting to get a little fed up with being described as just an armoured box... ST, WBC, Mortis Dominator 2 and KillerHurtz (as examples) all have thicker/stronger armour than we do.

Bertie (Speirs)

Friday, February 09, 2001 - 09:12 pm
Yeah, many people have really been unfair, saying "Oh, Tornado, doesn't do much does it" JESUS! It put out Gemini! It nearly put out Chaos 2!!! C'mon, give it some credit. Most powerful 'bot in the UK wars ever! Pretty impressive. It pushed Shunt for crying out loud. Shunt weighs, what, 105kg!! 25more than tornado - but he was pushed!

Andrew, erm, why not take some spare motors and gears to the next series! I think Tornado will be in the top 15 seeds too!

Can't wait for this extra weapon! (idea, harpoon/grapling hook shot shooting thingy majig! Use some sort of shotgun mechanism, and put in a cable. This would be one hell of an original weapon. I very nearly decided to do one)


TeamTetanus/DIG (Sumpthing)

Friday, February 09, 2001 - 09:50 pm
Ho Hum.
It's Friday and just 4 a change, I'm sitting in my box drinking 2 much bourbon reflecting on the things to do wiv weight'n'stuff.

At the momment it seems 2 me like a bad idea 4 all the people that made excellent and well balanced use of their 80Ks.
ALL 80k machines have a weakness'n'I have the hunch that to begin with an 80k machine with 20ks to play will end up beefing up their weak spot to the average spec and become a pretty unvunrable, rather unspectacular'alrounder'.
However after time, purpose built 100k-ers will have unprecidented weaponry in one way or another. That is, in order to do better they will have to evolve in a percific direction.

Example being: TORNADO. Rambot. Very fast, loadsa power. med/light armour. Very good at what it was built for.
Fing is, add 20Ks of armour and it does become an armoured box.
However, add 20Ks of batteries/drives maybe even another two wheels and you've got a top notch 100K Rambot.
In summary (and b4 I slide off mi'chair) it'll be a •••• rule to start with but an ace 1 in the end...

Oh yeah, before I go refill my glass.
Tornado dudes, WELL DONE. Also good to see you championing the suicide boys. Respek.

Mind you, if Mr Francis is reading this, nice one George!

Keep it cool RoboBro's - Mr D.

Jason Fletcher (Jason)

Friday, February 09, 2001 - 10:42 pm
Though I growled and cursed for ages after tornado eliminated gemini, I also have come to admire it. Though i still believe Tornado is a rambot myself; I will willingly acknowledge that it is a highly effective design. The term rambot implies "no weapon". Personally I feel that a high speed 80 kg robot with good handling and traction is one big weapon on its own. All that momentum concentrated into one spike can be very destructive. It certainly did for Gemini anyway.

Its unfair to single out rambots for being boring. If it a GOOD rambot, it deserves a crack as much as a good flipper, axe, etc. Judge by QUALITY not TYPE.

Robot Wars Discussion Forum: General: Who is the best non seed?

Bertie (Speirs)

Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 05:06 pm
Dominator 2, OR, Tornado. It's not only a box on wheels. It's ruddy powerful. Stronger than shunt - and impressive live. Could have an upset. I think it could beat Chaos 2, and maybe Hypno!

Suk-hwa Chung (Sukhwa)

Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 05:11 pm
Dominator 2's my favourite robot for this Series, and I think that it's probably the best one this year. It self rights pretty quickly, axes through pretty much everything and is quite nippy too.

Crusader, Tornado, Spikesaurus, Thermidore 2 and a lot others are really good as well.

Matthew Lockett (98arobinsona)

Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 08:50 pm

Richard Weir (Softweir)

Sunday, January 28, 2001 - 11:54 pm
Yeah, Tornado.

NSR (Captainsmirk)

Monday, January 29, 2001 - 08:56 pm
Spikasaurus wasn't bad. I think Tornado or Dominator 2 would be the best seed. What about Smidsy? They were unlucky to be against PA and the superb driving of KD.

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