TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow

Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars - GRAND CHAMPION
Our greatest achievement - Tornado won the Series 6 UK Championship! We beat Hypnodisc, Razer and Firestorm on the way to the title.

Robot Roadshow 2002 Best Of Show
Tornado competed in the first two sessions combat at this event, and in both the crowd voted our fight as the best! We were awarded a trophy for each session.

War In The Wolds 2002 Heavyweight Champion
We were awarded a trophy for our performance in the Saturday morning session of the War In The Wolds.

TNN Extreme Warriors 2 International Champion
We took part in the American series of Extreme, beating the UK and World champion Razer in the process of winning the competition.

Debenham Easter Robot Rumble 2002
Tornado won the Stars competition on the Sunday of this three day event.

Technogames 3 2002
We won the Football and Tug Of War competitions, and came second in the Sumo competition, hence our one Silver and two Gold medals.

Extreme 1 Challenge Belt 2002
Through five shows of Extreme 1 Tornado firstly won the first Extreme Challenge belt from Behemoth, and then beat Comengetorix and Wild Thing in order to win the belt outright. By beating Chaos 2 and Pussycat, we are also holders of the second Extreme Challenge Belt.

"Kent Robot Wars" 2001 Special Award
Tornado won the first mornings combat - in fact the only proper session of combat. We were all awarded medals for taking part in the event too.

Kettering Robot Fayre 2001
We were placed second in the pinball game, and were given a Carlsberg Export T-shirt!

St John the Baptist - Robot Mania - 22nd Sept 2001
Tornado was the overall winner of the Brighton Robot Mania event.

BT exaCT Trophy - Debenham Robot Rumble Easter 2001
This event was very sucessful indeed for us. We won trophies in every session we fought in, and beat the then reigning UK champion Chaos 2 on the way to all three of them!

BT exaCT Trophy - Heavweight Runner Up (Saturday morning session)

BT exaCT Trophy - Heavweight Winner (Saturday afternoon session)

BT exaCT Trophy - Heavweight Winner (Sunday afternoon session)

Best Newcomer Series 4
Winning this award made all the effort put in for series 4 worthwhile. Note that the trophy shown on TV is very different to the one we received!

Best Newcomer UK Robot Wars Series 4
Best Newcomer UK Robot Wars Series 4

Tectonic Robot Wars UK - Series 4 Awards
It was a pleasant surprise to find we had won awards from this popular general Robot Wars site.

Winner best battle (for our Melee with Katerkiller and Gemini)

Nominated as Most Aggressive Robot

Nominated for Best Driving

Mentioned under favourite robot category

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