TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow


We make the cover of Robot Wars Magazine January 2001.

...and we're on page 3 as well, as part of the contents... "the heat f smash up".

Pages 24 and 25 provide the complete heat F summary.

And we appear on a Team Sheet on page 28.

Our supporter Adrian appears in the crowd again in Heat N - but he wasn't even there when this heat was filmed!

The first semi final of series 4.

Julia interviews, and Andrew has a "Dave Angel" moment...

Our first battle was against Wheely Big Cheese. They got in a fantastic flip...

One of WBC's wheels breaks in Matlida's CPZ.

Some of our supporters appeared in a quick crowd flash...

Whoops! The chain came off and we burnt out a motor... Some of our supporters can again be seen.

The replay shows that WBC's reverse into the arena wall was definately assisted by us...
Fingers crossed - we borrow a motor from Mousetrap.

Our supporters (from left to right), Bryans father and mother, Adrian, and Bryans sister.

We were next up against Chaos 2. The third of our three fights gets shown on TV, where we drop a chain, and get propped up against the side.

George performed his party trick, and threw us out of the arena! We go out of series 4, but we have made the top 8 and are the highest placed newcomer.

Figures 1 and 1.5 from Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Figures 2 and 3 from Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Figure 4 of Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Figure 5 of Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Figure 6 of Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Figures 7 and 8 from Dave's 7 channel radio modification.

Rebuilding ready for the Peterborough event - and we blew up the speed controller!

The motor that Mousetrap lent to us got a toasting in the second semi final...
And our supporters could be seen in the crowd again.

Work on the weapon design.

The Oundle Mill meeting was based around a pub car park!

Robots at the Oundle meet: Onslaught, the Executioner (chassis), Bigger Brother, Behemoth, Skeletron's (of Technogames fame) car, Stinger, Alistair O'Neil's robot, and Velocirippa plus Chaos 2, Hypnodisc, Sump Thing, Killerhurtz, Mortis, and Scuttle.

Bryan brought along his Land Rover 101 ambulance, and Mike from 101 brought along an indoor helicopter. Bryan also brought along his RC boat.

We had a few little tussles with Hypnodisc!

There was also a jet engine... but something went wrong with it!

Si from King Buxton brought along his Nissan Skyline, and John Reid's (Killerhurtz) latest toy - a proper helium filled indoor airship!

In the Grand Final, Bryan can be seen relaxing in the background, and more of our supporters can be seen in the crowd.

Best Newcomer UK Robot Wars Series 4
In the Series 4 awards, we won Best Newcomer!

We appear in the audience for the final, and Richard Swan catches George as he celebrates Chaos 2 winning again.

Massive progress on the chassis - it's wider and longer for series 5.

Completion of the work on the series 5 chassis.

Best Newcomer UK Robot Wars Series 4
Our Best Newcomer trophy - note it's not the same as the one shown on TV!

Our lash up speed controller for Debenham - half multiple small fets, half big single FETs.

We appear in the Robot Wars Magazine, April 2001.

The new wheels for series 5, assembled in the new chassis.

Bryans diagram of our pneumatics system from series 4.

Late night testing!

Proving the new wheels - that's a burnout on dry ground, and all the smoke is from the tyres!

The charity event weapon under construction, and the link door.

The pits at Debenham Robot Rumble 2001, including Skeletron from Technogames.

Our first battle - a three way melee against Edgehog, and Dantomkia.

Our next battle was against Chaos 2. It didn't last long, and we beat them!

We then beat Humphrey.

We lost to Stinger in the Saturday morning final, because one of our motors came unbolted.

Our first fight of the afternoon was against Dantomkia.

We then fought Axe Awe.

The final was against Chaos 2, and even though we had reception problems, we won.

We were relieved to beat Chaos 2, and some of the damage we caused.

Our first battle of Sunday afternoon was against newcomers Storm, who beat us because we went wrong!

We were lucky to get another chance to compete, and once repaired fought Humphrey.

We again fought and beat Chaos 2.

We beat Bigger Brother in the final - one of their battery connections had not been connected properly.

Three trophies from one event - not a bad haul!

Removable spikes in production.

The weapon motor on its cradle.

First assembly of the new spinning disc weapon.

The new side bars for Series 5, compared to last years.

The rewound Bosch motor (right) compared to an original (left), and the spinning disc weapon mounts.

Chris Smythe helped us grind some spikes, while Andrew burnt out another grinder.

First fitting of the weapon into the chassis.

Some of the kart tyres that we want to give away.

First run of the weapon in the chassis.

The speed controllers start to take shape.

The speed controllers progress quickly...

A very close up view of one of the disc teeth.

The PCBs for Tornado, from Bassetts.

Modifications to the transmitter, and the weapon controls.

The controller/decoder boards, a complete speed controller, and spikes after hardening.

Almost all the painting for Robot Wars Extreme was done in one day!

Andrew took a chunk out of his arm with the angle grinder. At last - the completed and assembled weapon!

Dave demonstrates how the control box fits together.

Fitting the batteries, weapon and weapon motor into the chassis.

The new side bars and side armour, battery connections for the Kiels, main speed controller buss bars, and the link door.

The weapon is fitted into the chassis. You can see the optical sensor directed at the motor pulley.

Late night weapon testing!

Animated GIF of the disc weapon hitting concrete.

Above 4 pictures courtesy of Don Kwast/Enderbot

Our fight against Bigger Brother at Wilsons Day 2001. We lost because one of our motors was wired the wrong way!

Above 2 pictures courtesy of Gary Mc Nally/Anarchybot

More pictures of our fight against Bigger Brother.

Above picture courtesy of Gary Mc Nally/Anarchybot

Tornado takes on the hovercraft, an old Wilsons school CDT project.

Tornado is pictured in the Robot Wars Magazine, July 2001.

Tornado appears again, in the August 2001 Robot Wars Magazine.

Tornado features in the new Robot Wars game for the Gameboy Advance!

How to connect, and how not to connect your batteries.

Terminal Voltage (on and off load)

Cumulative Capacity

Internal Resistance

Energy delivered to load

The results of our battery tests.

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