TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
Here follows a quick pictorial (and hopefully tongue in cheek) list of who we have beaten and who we have lost to, most recent events first...

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"Kent Robot Wars" 2001 3-4/11/01
Our first fight was against Smidsy - we pushed them about fairly convincingly, but managed to collect a lot of gaffa tape in our drivetrain as we did so!

Wolverine was next up against us.

Our fight against Bulldog Breed 3 was very close, we only won it because I pushed them through the side of the arena.

Later on we challenged Smidsy to a Tug Of War - and they beat us!

In the next days fighting, during a small Melee with Wolverine, Dantomkia and Storm, Wolverine stacked Tornado onto its front - we were well and truly beached!

Roobarb repeated the favour, dumping Tornado onto the tyres in the next Melee!

In the final melee of the event, Wolverine and Tornado were the last machines still moving. Wolverine deservedly won the fight due to its excellent impression of a burrowing mole, sending the arena floor flying!

See our "Kent Robot Wars" 2001 page/event report for more pictures and information.

Alstom 2001 13/10/01
Our first fight was against the event hosts, Stinger.

The new T-Bone was our next opponent...

We were next up against the very solidly built Humphrey 3. There was very little we could do to it, other than push it around...

The final fight was a five way Melee along with Humphrey 3, T-Bone, 8645T, and Stinger. It was absolute chaos, T-Bone got a puncture, and we won the fight!

See our Alstom 2001 page/event report for more pictures and information.

Robot Fayre 2001 29/9/01
We entered the Tug Of War competition, and were placed against Hydra. For whatever reason they were better on the day, and we lost!

Our only fight of the day was a Melee with Behemoth, KingB Powerworks, and a washing machine. KingB's spikes went through our side armour, so we lost the fight...

See our Robot Fayre 2001 event report for more pictures and information.

Robot Mania 2001 22/9/01
Our first fight of this event in Brighton was against the hosts, Bigger Brother. It didn't take long to knock off one of their chains, given their chassis was still twisted from Series 5.

We were next up against Roobarb. We pushed them around a lot, and the bottom of their flipper ram broke off, making their flipper bounce about in a comedy fashion. The judges gave us the fight in the end.

M2 made it through to the semi finals, but so had Tornado - we managed to prop them on their back end, and a head on ram broke the pivots on their ram and self righting arm, so Paul graciously accepted defeat.

The final of the event was a three way melee against Dominator 2 and Behemoth. We disposed of Behemoth almost straight away, dumping them over the edge of the arena! Dominator 2 survived a lot longer, hitting us a couple of times with their axe, but eventually they suffered the same fate and we dumped them outside the arena. We had won the event overall!

See our Robot Mania 2001 event report for more pictures and information.

Extreme 1 Filming 31/8-3/9/01
We were back at Elstree again, but filming more fights for Extreme. We took part in a Melee with KingB Powerworks and the Steel Avenger, the winner of which was to go through to the Anihilator. It didn't go very well for the 4WD machines - our link came out, and KingB's wheel came off! Steel Avenger went through.

Tornado came back for the Challenge Belt competition - we were the first to beat Behemoth and win the belt. It was a hard and violent fight, which went to the judges.

Comengetorix were our first challenger - but they experienced radio interference and it was easy for Tornado to push them around the arena.

Our third Challenge Belt fight was against Wild Thing. It was a very hard fight, and both robots went the distance. The judges gave the fight to us, therefore we had won the first Challenge Belt outright!

Chaos 2 was our next challenger, attempting to win the second belt from us. The fight was fast and violent, until Chaos lost a motor, and the fight went Tornados way.

The fifth and final challenger was Pussycat. Their disc took off one of our spikes, but we pushed them into Matilda, who damaged one of their wheels, and we were then able to put them in the pit. This made us holders of the second Extreme Challenge Belt!

Series 5 Filming 27-28/8/01
Our first fight of Series 5 Heat G was against Gravedigger. We put some big scrapes in their aluminium armour with our disc, and when we rammed them against the arena side, they stopped.

Our second round fight was against Diotoir. They proved much more difficult opposition than we expected, clogging our disc with their fur! Our drive sprocket failed, and Diotoir put us down the pit!

Robots@War Arena 2001 14-15/7/01
Our first run on Saturday was a race against Bigger Brother - we were winning, so Ian Watts propped Tornado up against the arena side...

We were next up against Wolverine in the Tug Of War - they didn't provide too difficult an opposition, probably because they lost drive on one side...

Again in the Tug Of War, our next opponent was M2. They put up surprising opposition for a 2WD robot.

The final of the Tug Of War was against Behemoth. They were tough opposition, but we won with lots of tyre smoke!

The soon to be retired Dantomkia took on everyone who was willing in a big Melee - and was still the last robot running!

The last fight of the day was another Melee, with Dantomkia and Bigger Brother. There was no clear winner at the end, but the crowd gave Dantomkia the battle as this was supposed to be their last one ever!

On the Sunday, we took on Dantomkia in a Tag Team fight. It soon descended into a Melee, and the only robot left moving at the end was Bigger Brother.

We finally managed to beat Dantomkia one on one, when Bryan was driving.

Tornado beat Dantomkia and Wolverine one more time - when the Storm team took the controls! Ed drove Tornado, Tim had Dantomkia and Andy controlled Wolverine...

See our Robots@War Arena 2001 event report for more pictures and information.

Extreme 1 Filming 31/6/01
In the Second World Championships, we were first placed against Yebo Robo, Panzer Mk2, and Philipper in a four way Melee. Panzer proved difficult opposition, their lifter picking us up often, until Philipper turned them over! We put Yebo Robo down the pit, but there wasn't much we could do to Philipper!

Our second fight with Razer was closer, as we fitted the Charity Pushing Scoop, and were able to push them around a bit, at least until they pierced our armour and were able to pick us up and drop us in the pit!

Robots@War - Wilsons Day 30/6/01
We were out for a bit of fun at this charity event, as a break from the Robot Wars Extreme filming. We forgot to test Tornado before we went into the arena, and had to fight Bigger Brother with a motor wired the wrong way round. They beat us easily, as we couldn't control Tornado properly!

Bigger Brother picture courtesy of Don Kwast/Enderbot

Our only other battle against another robot was a display against Arnold, Arnold Terminegger. We let them demonstrate their weapons and self righter, and a crowd decision gave them the battle.

Arnold, Arnold Terminegger picture courtesy of Don Kwast/Enderbot

See our Wilsons Day 2001 event report for more pictures and information.

Extreme 1 Filming 27-29/6/01
We fought Stinger in a slightly fake Grudge match - at least Tornado performed btter than our acting! The first run of our disc weapon put some convincing damage in Stingers tyres and wheel domes.

Our first round opponent in the Extreme All Stars was 3 Stegs 2 Heaven. We pushed them about a lot, breaking their wheel bearings - they lost a drivechain and we went through.

We were up against Pussycat in the All Stars second round. Our disc made a mess of their aluminium armour, and one of their wheels came off!

Chaos 2 gave us our chance for televised revenge in the third round. We took it - Chaos 2's flipper had problems at the start of the fight, and the outcome was decided when Chaos lost drive on one side.

We fought Razer in the final of the All Stars. It was a boring fight because there was nothing we could do against them - they just did not let go of us!

Robot Rumble - Debenham 14,15/4/01
What a contrast to November! The same small arena, but our new charity event pushing blade and the 100kg weight limit stacked the odds in our favour. Our first battle was a three way melee against Edgehog and our old adversaries Dantomkia. There could be only one winner - Edgehog jammed one of its wheels, and Dantomkia was left with only full reverse...

We were next up against Chaos 2, and it was time for revenge! We took complete control of the fight, and George barely had a chance. Chaos ended up upside down, his flipper stuck through the side of the arena, and his front stabilising arms bent up underneath him!

We were next up against Humphrey. We pushed them around, until one side of their drivetrain locked.

We then fought Stinger in the final. It was an evenly matched fight, until one of our motors came unbolted and we lost drive on one side.

The first fight of the Saturday afternoon was against Dantomkia again. It was a hard fight, and the first time we have noticed our batteries dying towards the end.

Next we were up against Axe Awe. They had control difficulties from the start, and only hit us with their axe once. They caught us with their flipper more often than Chaos 2 did in the whole weekend! We still gave them a good shoving about though...

The final was against Chaos 2, and even though we were suffering interference and only had about 50% control, we broke the front plate on their flipper and beat them!

We didn't compete on Sunday morning, so the first fight of Sunday was in the afternoon, against newcomers Storm. They had asked us to go easy, so we did, but while trying to hold them against the wall and do a burnout, we dropped a cell on one of the batteries, and burnt out a motor. Storm were chuffed to have beaten us, even if it was because we went wrong!

We got a second chance to re-enter the competition, because the organisers Eddy and Roy were running out of robots to fight for the crowd. After serious repair work we were back in again against Humphrey. We pushed them around some more, getting them stuck on the arena sides several times, and even pushing them partially under the gate! We pulled them off each time to keep the battle going for the crowd.

And yet again, we were up against Chaos 2. Both George and myself (Andrew) were trying really hard to outsmart each other, and it proved to be one of the most exciting and difficult fights we have ever taken part in. We think the crowd enjoyed it to! George managed to flip us over and then back again once, but we kept going and by the end had the upper hand.

The final was against Bigger Brother. It proved a very easy victory for us, as one of their battery terminals came off a very short time into the fight, and we didn't have to do that much.

See our Robot Rumble 2001 event report for more info and pictures...

Robot Rumble - Debenham 26/11/00
This charity event had a rather small arena, which proved to be our downfall in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Our first battle was against Invertibrat. We pushed them around, they started leaking gas, we pushed them around some more and then they stopped. Not only did we knock their removeable link off, but we switched off their receiver as well!

Our next fight was against Suicidal Tendencies. They had changed to their bulldozer blade weapon to fight us, and it proved to be a tough match. The turning point came when we got trapped on top of them, enabling them to pin us in a corner and puncture two of our tyres.

Our first battle of the afternoon was against Sump Thing. We pushed them around a bit, although their shape and exposed wheels made it quite difficult. We then did our party trick, damaging the arena wall and causing the fight to have to be stopped. Upon restart we pushed Sump Thing into a corner and rammed them once - and that was it.

The final fight of the day was against our by now well known adversaries Chaos 2. Of course we had to keep our previous encounter quiet as the semi final had not been shown on TV at that time, and a good thing too, as it was a rerun! I drove into a corner and George propped Tornado against the barrier. Simple and quick...

See our Robot Rumble 2000 event report for more info and pictures...

Series 4 Filming - Semi Finals 13/8/00
Our first battle of the semi final was against the 15th seed Wheely Big Cheese, who got through on a rather dodgy judges decision. We knew that their weakness was in their wheels, and we went for the from the start. Even though we dropped a chain we kept going, and WBCheese broke one of its wheels against the side of the arena as we rammed them. We went through on a judges decision.

Our final televised fight for Series 4 was against Chaos 2. Except that it was the fourth of the semi for us, as we had to fight Chaos 2 three times! The first fight was stopped as the arena got damaged, in the second we pushed Chaos 2 into Shunt's CPZ and Shunt axed them, they lost a chain, but so did we and the judges called a tie. The third was a forgone conclusion - the chain went, and George did his party trick...

See our Series 4 page for more pictures and information.

Series 4 Filming - Heat F 8/8/00
Our first battle in our heat was a 3 team Melee (2 winners), with Katerkiller and Gemini. Gemini are the first cluster bot team (two or more robots that drive in as one but can seperate and fight as individual units) to have appeared on the UK TV show. Katerkiller were blatantly the weaker robot, so we went straight for them. Gemini didn't really need to help us... as soon as Katerkiller was dispatched, Gemini and us proceeded to have some fun with the house robots - we managed to push Shunt (supposedly the powerful pusher) sideways, and put quite a few nice square holes in his armour...

Our second battle was against the 26th seed Beserk 2. We quite simply wiped the floor with them. Their GRP armour was easy to destroy, and they did not have anywhere near enough power to stop us pushing them wherever we wanted!

Our third fight was against the cluster bot Gemini, seeded 8th. These two little robots both have very powerful flippers, and are quick and manouverable. Effectively we were fighting two robots! Because of their individual reduced weight, they were easy to push about however. We know the rules well, so we knew that we only had to immobilse one of them to win... we suceeded (by impaling one half on an arena spike) but the remaining working half proceeded to flip us until we too were immobilised - but we had still won. It turns out we broke one of our batteries, which went open circuit and killed our power... Hence by winning this, we had won our heat, i.e. a programme!!!

See our Series 4 page for more pictures and information.

Series 4 Auditions 1/8/00
We had one fight only, against T2 R Special, who appeared as Tantrum in Series 2 and T2 in Series 3. We wiped the floor with them (sorry guys!) - the battle was stopped after about a minute...

Robots@War - Wilsons Day 2000 8/7/00
This event was the first competitive outing for Tornado, and was being used as a proving/testing ground. As such we had no working weapons, we were unpainted, and we were running a lower current limit than we would normally use.
Our first battle was against Mike Lamberts robot, Dantomkia, named after his kids Daniel, Thomas and Kiara... It was a highly entertaining fight, in which we pushed them around quite a lot. The crowd made the choice at the end - don't give up Mike, Dantomkia is one class act!

Our second fight was against Stinger (running at reduced power in all fairness). We again were pushing them around pretty much as we pleased, hitting them very hard and giving them scars that they still bore at the Series 4 filming. Unfortunately our removeable link got knocked out in the process, so we conceeded the fight.

See our Wilsons Day 2000 event report for more info and pictures...

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