TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow


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Late 2004 - We spent some time getting Tornado running again - it had not been worked on since our preparations for the FRA World Championships.

October 2008 - Shenanigans with our host meant we needed to find a new server for the website, and quickly. The new server was found, the site uploaded... and then our host went quiet. We're still on the old server, but the new one is in reserve in case the site host starts hassling us again!

October 2009 - As you may have gathered, we don't update the website much any more! However we're one of the few TV championship winning teams whose website is still running, and we intend keep our site online. But what have we been up to since the end of the TV show?
Tornado still exists, and is still in running order. For the last few years Tornado has toured with the Robots Live crew, going on static display at some events, and making occasional visits to the arena. We wrote about rising standards back in 2004; as always robot development continues, and as such it's not unusual to see a newcomer give us a suprise when Tornado does fight. It's rare for Tornado to see any maintenance whatsoever, so the machine looks pretty scruffy, and the day will come when something breaks. And with the power of many new axe/hammer machines on the circuit, we have to be careful who we fight now!
The live event scene still thrives, with a mixture of old faces and new teams continuing combat in front of large audiences. Although the crowd always love the heavyweights, the low cost of featherweights means they have become increasingly developed and entertaining to watch. The event organisers have dramatically improved their arenas, bringing new dimensions to the fights (such as their own House Robots and flip-out zones).
As a team we are geographically split now. You may remember we were all employed by NXT in Cambridgeshire? Bryan moved to the Hong Kong office in early 2006, then in late 2006 both Dave and Andrew were made redundant. Dave has stayed in Sawtry, while Andrew has followed work to Maidstone in Kent. Bryan came back to the UK NXT office over a year ago, so we are at least all in the same country again! We do make occasional incognito visits to live events and keep in contact with the robot community, so you may see us around now and again.

January 2016 - Great news, as we are sure you have gathered Robot Wars is due to return to BBC2 later in 2016. We are getting a lot of questions about this - so please take the time to read our statement on Entering Robot Wars 2016.