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4/5/03 - Roaming Robots Daventry event - we attended incognito without Tornado - and I ended up spending my time working on John Reid's robot, Killerhurtz.

9/5/03 - Email arrived re Mentorns response to committee meeting - not good. Many things agreed at the meeting have been gone back upon. Almost all of the RWCompetitors group requests were ignored by Mentorn. We are thinking about not going to Series 7.

17/5/03 - Great Gidding School Fete. Attended with Tornado and our friends from Storm, we were able to show the heavyweights, judge the children's robot models, and give a demo of Storm's featherweights.

18/5/03 - Attended the London Expo Sci Fi Show at ExCeL in London Docklands. Held a static display with Tornado and Storm. Not to put too fine a point on it, the organisers refused to pay us the expenses that had been agreed beforehand, so we shall not be returning next year! Met a couple of female fans...

22/5/03 - Sample of Tornado pullback received from Logistix. It looks excellent!

29/5/03 - Reply from Mentorn re rules. Only real concession is spinner rule. It's a all a bit of a mess!

30/5/03 - Team meeting re S7 - we all want to do it. Started thinking about new weapons.

7/6/03 - Great Oakley Primary School Fete nr Harwich. Performed a car pull and destroyed some old computers!

20/6/03 - Attended the Roaming Robots event at Newark Showground - this event was Roaming Robots first anniversary. One of the female fans we met at London Expo joined Team Tornado for the event - Hi Sarah!

21/6/03 - Fought St Agro and Cruncher in a three way - Tornado was the victor. Later Tornado fought Dantomkia and beat it - but Mike Lambert was driving Tornado and Andrew Dantomkia! Tornado also took on Herbinator and the Dutch flipper Scraptosaur - Scraptosaur won that bout.

22/6/03 - Tornado fought 51 and Storm 2 - Tornado won this fight. Last fight of the weekend put Tornado against Stag and Big Nipper - Tornado was stacked against the wall in a few seconds by Big Nipper, although Stag went on to win the fight.

28-29/6/03 - Tornado took part in a promotional display for the Kent Robot Challenge at the Bluewater shopping centre. Again our fan Sarah came along...

6/7/03 - Attended the Roaming Robots event at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. This was a static display, although we pulled a Range Rover with Tornado. And our fan Sarah is now Andrew's girlfriend...

9/7/03 - Building electric lifter to test at the Kent Robot Challenge.

10/7/03 - Continuing building the electric lifter to test at KRC.

11-13/7/03 - Attended the Roboteers Summer Party and Kent Robot Challenge at the Chatham Grammar School for Girls. Tested the lifter, but it failed quickly.

20/7/03-20/8/03 - Preperations for Series 7. Building new weapons (electric lifter) and modifiying and improving old ones (rebuilding mini wedges, putting a chain flail into our pushing scoup, and turning the anti-crusher weapon disc into a vertical spinner).

23-31/8/03 - Series 7 filming at RAF Newton nr Nottingham. Probably the best ever filming for us, everything went very smoothly indeed - but it's true that this time the pressure was off, we were there simply to enjoy ourselves! As you can probably tell, the demands on our time and our desire to enjoy ourselves has meant that we do not keep such a detailed diary any more...

5-13/9/03 - Post Series 7 Roboteer Holiday, cruising the lochs in Scotland. All three members of Team Tornado attended, along with Julie from Kat 3, Ed, Tim and Meral from Storm, and John Reid from Terrorhurtz. The search for Nessie was unsucessful, although we did manage to prove that it was possible to surf on a 10 berth cruise boat...

30/11/03 - Series 7 Heat E shown on Five - although we were expecting to be in Heat A, Mentorn and/or Five decided to swap our heats around... Tornado beat every machine in its path to go through to the semi finals: SawPoint 2, Devestator, Leveller 2 and Tetanus Booster all fell on the way through.

6/12/03 - Took Tornado along to the Worthing Robot Show.

12-14/12/03 - Attended the INSPIRE Featherweight event in Norwich. Tornado was on static display, while the team helped run the event.

22/3/04 - Series 7 First Semi Final is shown on Five - Tornado beats Raging Knightmare and the highly tipped Gravity, from Holland.

7/3/04 - Halesowen Featherweight Smash. Andrew was cheif judge while Dave ran the PA at this event. Tornado was on static display.
Also, Series 7 Grand Final is shown on Five - Tornado loses to Storm, but beats X-Terminator (with a bit of help from Matilda) to gain 3rd place overall.

28/3/04 - Series 7 Third World Champships is shown on Five - Tornado helps Storm beat a German walking robot, but Storm wins the fight putting Tornado out of the World Championships.

31/3/04 - Took Tornado to the St Neots Young Farmers Club meet. Performed a car pull and held a question and answer session.

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