TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow

We were so busy working on Tornado that we were late turning up to one of the closest events to where we live! We were invited to come along and display Tornado at the All Saints Junior school Summer May Fayre, in March. Also present were the Storm team, who had been visiting a sponsor in Kings Lynn in the morning, along with Force Ten and the mini arena and house robots. We were due to do a static display and attempt to pull a car - except it was announced that we would be pulling a Land Rover half an hour before we actually arrived...


When we did turn up, and the rain stopped, we were going to have a go at pulling Ed's Golf - except we couldn't find a towing point on the front (do VW really expect them to be THAT reliable?!?) and so we had to try and pull Bryan's Land Rover 101 - all three tons of it! We've only tried to pull the 101 once before, when the weight limit was 80kg, and the ground was wet - Tornado barely managed, only then with a bit of extra help in the form of my weight on top! But now the ground was dry, and Tornado was at a full 100kg... The first try was completely unsucessful. We suspected that the brakes may have been partially stuck on, so Bryan drove a few feet and coasted to a halt. We tried again, and despite some big bouncing, and finding that the steering controls were reversed, Tornado just about managed it. But one of the watching crowd told us that the announcement had said that we were going to do the tow once the previous arena show had finished - and it hadn't, so we drove back to the start to do it all again. I made sure the steering control was set up correctly this time around and the pull was much more convincing, pulling the 101 from rest up to a fast walking pace with a fair amount of ease... Has any other robot sucessfully pulled this much weight?

Many thanks to Joel Grieco for the two images above

We left as the event ended, heading back to Daves to continue working on Tornado.

Have a look at the All Saints School photo gallery.

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