TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow

We took Tornado along to the Hardwick Community Primary School near Cambridge - we were "special guests" along (with Ed from Storm) at their robot/techno event. The children had built robots onto radio controlled car chassis, and were to play football and assault course type games with them.

We answered questions, displayed Tornado, and pulled a car with no problems - the kids all had to have a go too! We managed to find an area of the playground where the kids could be got up out of the way of us running the robot around, and found a couple of cones to push about and drive around. We even managed a burnout on the tarmac... But during this short driveabout we lost a drive chain, so it had to be cut a little short...

While the kids were doing the assault course with their robots, we built up a very basic robot (to approximately Rex's Robot Challenge standards) which Bryan aptly named Mad Panic! It used a standard 27MHz system from one of my RC cars, with a pair of servos operating some microswitches to drive a pair of geared motors. We entered it into the assault course, and it went about a foot before breaking down!

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