TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow


This Roaming Robots event, held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, was a sideshow to the InterFord show, where lots of Ford clubs meet up every year. In attendance were Leveller, Hells Teeth, Tetanus III, M2, Dantomkia, S3, Lambsy, Terrorhurtz (with Beta on display), Stag, Kan Opener, Chip, Gyrobot, Destructor, Ripper, Tornado, plus the featherweights Gladiator, Force X, Cutlet and of course the Roaming Robots pay-to-drive machines along with T-Bone. Dave was away on business in Korea, so Ed from Storm filled his place as a renta-teammember for the day.

Above photo courtesy of Ian Lockhart/Lambsy

Our first fight was against Lambsy, with Andrew driving Tornado. Lambsy lost drive on one side, so Andrew put the lamb in the pit and then Lambsy on top!

Bryan then drove against Tetanus II. Bryan pushed them around, until Tetanus lost drive on one side and so the fight was ended.

Above photos courtesy of Ian Lockhart/Lambsy

Ed, Bryan and Andrew all had a go on the Roaming Robots pay-to-drive machines - our membership cards give us all a free go, and we didn't want to waste it... It was an experience!

Ed was next up, taking on Tetanus, Stag and Destructor (who had problems and didn't really take part in the fight). Stag got pushed in the pit straight away, and Tetanus got pushed all over the place again...

Above photo courtesy of Ian Lockhart/Lambsy

Andrew then took on Dantomkia - but Dantomkia developed problems, so we pushed it in the pit to end the fight.

Ed also drive Force X in the featherweight fights - but drove in the pit twice! Gladiator won both feather fights.

Above photos courtesy of Ian Lockhart/Lambsy

We went for a meal at a local pub in the evening with Bryan (Tornado), Ed (Storm), John Reid (Terrorhurtz), Mike Lambert and Daniel Lambert (Dantomkia), plus myself (Andrew). We got spotted by a young family and I spent some time chatting to them - but we did have our team shirts on!

Have a look at the InterFord site, the Heritage Centre, and also Roaming Robots.

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