TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow

This event ran for two days, both the Saturday and Sunday, but Bryan and I had spent the first day at the Medway Microbot event. We left Medway as soon as we could, to head up to ExCeL in London for the Sci-Fi show.

We unloaded Tornado at ExCeL, finding out that the hotel the others had been put in was less than good and a new hotel was being found... We all ended up back at the Hotel Inn Express in Dartford, and went over to Bluewater together to get food in the evening.



Spent the whole day displaying Tornado at the London Expo Sci-Fi show. Also present were Plunderbird, Behemoth, Kat 3, Ming 3, Razer, Chaos 2 (apparently George spent the entire event hiding in the Plunderbus), and Storm. Also present (and driving around the amoungst the crowd) were Force X and team Behemoth's radio controlled BBC 2 logo (as seen on TV, before the Robot Wars TV shows)!
The event wasn't all that exciting for us, but we got expenses, and we had a good laugh between us all. Much time was spent signing autograph sheets - Ed from Storm had organised the printing of a sheet with pictures of all the robots present. We were selling these autograph sheets (fairly cheaply) as the other "proper" sci-fi celebrities present were also selling theirs - but for lots of cash!
The rest of the event consisted of lots of stalls, most of which were selling, well, junk really! One that was selling more interesting items was Artmetallic - lots of models of famous Sci-Fi characters and items, but made from metal!

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