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What is it?
The document explains itself, but I may as well go over it again here. It is a set of guidelines for both those people organising Robotic events and the roboteers that attend them. It is not a set of rules. So far it's not a widely accepted standard, but its acceptance is growing all the time, and one day it may form the basis of something we all work with.

Why does it exist?
It exists because a group of roboteers, including ourselves and quite a few other UK charity event regulars, felt that safety at some charity events is not as good as it needs to be, and that a serious accident was inevitable unless someone tried to do something about it.

Why did Team Tornado get involved?
Because we attend many charity events, and the quality of the arena and attention to safety varies enormously. Because we have attended several events where dangerous things have happened, and it's lucky that no-one was hurt. Because we were present at, and some of the main objectors to, the incident that sparked off the safety discussion.

What does it mean for me?
That's explained in the document itself; it means that as an event organiser you might have to do a few more things to have the robots you want fighting at your event, or as a roboteer you might want to choose not to run your robot or its weaponry if the arena is not up to containing it should the worst happen. It does not mean events should not happen or you should not attend them - just that everyone should think first.

Where can I get a copy of the latest version?
The latest version of the document can be found here. It's held on the Shredder site; Sam Jones from Shredder is currently the main custodian of the document.

I have a question...
Then please feel free to e-mail ourselves, or any of the other authors listed in the document.

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